eastoft war memorialEastoft War Memorial sits at the south western corner of the village green on ‘Lincolnshire Side’. The local newspapers report that during the war a ‘war shrine’ appeared on the Green, the only one noted in the Isle, although they neglect to say what form it took. There was certainly a flagpole there and if it was like the ones appearing in Goole and Hull there would also have been a board of some sort with names of those serving and perhaps photographs of those lost. The war memorial is most likely on the site of this.

The memorial records the names of twelve men from the village and the inscriptions; ‘Their Name Liveth For Evermore. This Cross was erected by the wayside that all who pass by might never forget.’

Other men with an Eastoft connection not mentioned on the War Memorial

Grateful thanks to Susan Butler and Howdenshire History for the biographical information on the men of Eastoft.