Joseph Thompson

lincolnshire regimental badgePrivate 40770, 6th (Service) Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment (previously 5999 1/4th Battalion), killed in action, 22nd August 1918, aged 35

According to his entry in the listings of Soldiers Who Died In The Great War Joseph was born Markham, Nottinghamshire in 1883. No other biographical information has yet been found for him.

Joseph enlisted in the Lincolnshire Regiment at Crowle in the summer of 1916. He originally served with the 4th Battalion but by summer 1918 he had been transferred to the 6th (Service) Battalion who were part of the 33rd Brigade in 11th Division.

During the spring and early summer of 1918 the 6th Lincoln’s were stationed in a relatively quiet sector of the line, near loos, thus avoiding the German Spring Offensive. However there were still various hazards, trench attacks, artillery bombardments and sniper attacks. Unfortunately on 22nd August Joseph Tompson fell victim to one of these, shortly before the unit moved from the area.

Joseph is buried in Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery Extension.

Joseph is remembered on both Althorpe War Memorials.