Crowle & Ealand in the Great War

st oswald's church great war memorial plaque

The plaque in St Oswald’s Church commemorating all the men on both Crowle & Ealand Memorials

The Great War for Civilisation, as it is called on one of the medals presented to all who served in it, began over 100 years ago. It touched the lives of every community in Britain and that of the North Lincolnshire Town of Crowle was no exception. Somewhere between 500 and 600 men from the town, including those from the adjacent village of Ealand and the hamlet of Medge Hall, were enlisted by the military during the course of the war, around two thirds of the adult male population. Of these 75 (15% of those who served and 2.6% of the overal population, both higher than the national avergae) did not return and are remembered on the two memorials in Crowle and Ealand. THere are also several other men with strong local connections who died during the war and are not remembered on either memorial. This website has been created to remember them all and their stories in order that ‘their name shall liveth for evermore’.

Crowle War Memorial

crowle memorialCrowle War Memorial sits on the corner of High Street and Church Street and features the names of 69 men from the Great War. Constructed by Tyas and Guest of Swinton at a cost of £450 it was unvield and dedicated on Sunday 8th January 1922. Initally proposed for a site in the Market Place, the memorial was eventually placed in a portion of the former vicarage garden facing the High Street. The names are inscribed in gold on a pedestal of polished Balmoral red granite which stands on a hard stone base. On the pedestal is an octagonal spire also of Balmoral red granite, which is topped with a Latin cross of silver, unpolished granite. The unveiling was performed by Colonel Charles Fox (of Fox’s Brewery) and proceeded by a procession around the town, led by the Band of the Lincolnshire Regiment and attended by a guard of honour from the same regiment.

Unveiling Crowle War Memorial, Sunday 8th January 1922

Unveiling Crowle War Memorial, Sunday 8th January 1922

Ealand War Memorial

Ealand War Memorial sits at the junction of Wharf Road and New Trent Street, close to ealand war memorialthe former New Trent Inn. It features the names of 6 men from the Great War, including the only man from the area to die whilst serving with the Royal Navy.